Our business philosophy: innovation and flexibility
Flexible operations with quick decisions
The LuFra Avicol-Meat has a lean structure. Customer relationships are characterised by efficient communication and a short decision-making process. The business style of the company is direct and predictable which means that you receive clear answers to any questions.

The poultry market is on the move
Those familiar with internation markets are able to anticipate trends for offers and price developments at an early stage. We help our customers to make ourchasing decisions at the right moment through the supply of reliable information. Valuable insider knowledge is the key to cost-effective purchasing.

Delivery approaches for the food industry
Current market changes and increasing complexity of processes place new demands on the supply chain. This requires of Industry and Trade of the food industry, a continuous adaptation and development of logistics services in terms of quality and flexibility.

With our industry experience and specific specialization than poultry importer covers LUFRA Avicol-Meat across all areas of supply chain and fulfills the requirements for transport and storage of fresh produce in all temperature ranges. Through GPS monitoring we have your delivery steadily in view and thus guarantee timely deliveries.

LuFra Avicol-Meat is a service provider
Apart from the actual product quality, our success is based on our employees' long experience and willingness to help. Professional consistency in implementation and independence in the selection of the best possible producers mean that our suppliers and customers all benefit equally from our service, which includesof the best possible producers mean that our suppliers and customers all benefit equally from our service.

Which includes:

- support in product development
- monitoring audit
safeguarding against goods and price positions
- safeguarding against currency risks
- implementation and control of the logistics chain
- processing imports (veterinary & customs)
- Labeling
- Relevant sales Translations
- regular laboratory checks
- warehousing and picking
Geflügel Untersuchungen
Frequent lab testing

Geflügel Untersuchungen
GPS-tracking of your shipment

Geflügel Logistik
Logistics chain procedure and inspection