• Lammprodukte aus Neuseeland
  • Lammfleisch aus Neuseeland
Lamb products - naturally from New Zealand
New Zealand lamb is a term for everyone. Thanks to cooperative production methods and technologically advanced logistics New Zealand can produce lamb meat in the highest and always consistent quality. This meat is from lambs which are not older than nine months. Therefore, the natural tenderness is guaranteed. It is growing in popularity and is already being made in consumer-blanks in New Zealand. Because of the natural resources and the mild climate of the South Pacific "green Iceland" the lambs are held throughout the year on pasture and require no supplementation.

The meat from New Zealand mutton is a delicacy, especially when it comes from young grazing lambs, which provide a particularly tender and spicy, aromatic meat for food lovers from time immemorial. Again, we benefit as a wholesaler of the experience of our New Zealand producers to serve you with products of the highest quality.
Lammfleisch aus Neuseeland
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